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At Shivaji B. Mahale we offer our clients a range of services across a variety of domains.

Civil Works

Our services involve

  • Preparing general site grading and level drawing.
  • Interacting with various vendors.
  • Working out bill of quantities and evaluation of buds.

Interior Works

Our services involve

  • Preparing overall layout, elevations and perspective drawings.
  • Providing details drawings to the contractors of various facilities like Civil, carpentry, False / Suspended Ceiling, Electrical, Plumbing, and Acoustics and so on.
  • Carrying out periodic site to ensure quality and progress of the work.
  • Lending our expertise in the analysis of non-tendered items of work and in matter of cost controlling, forecasting cash flow, preparing weekly cost control statements and checking, and certifying the contractor’s bills.


Valuation of immovable property.